Edutronic Class Blogging 2.0

Edutronic has grown. We have our own server, our own domain, and new sites for everyone

If you have been a faithful follower of this Year 10 blog over the last 12 months, I thank and salute you. It is continuing into the future in a new form, and at a new address:

Just like this one, you can sign up for email updates, or simply visit it on occasion. You can syndicate it using RSS or if you want to, you can print and read it. This old journal will stay here indefinitely and you continue to be welcome to access the information and materials and use them as you see fit.

In other news:

  • Edutronic has grown into a much larger domain with sites for other classes and an increasingly sophisticated set of resources and materials. Via Edutronic you can also access the English Department site where you can accesss moderated exemplars of student work, year plans, policies and information about the research and new learning initiatives the London Nautical School Department of English are engaged in.
  • Your Personal Journal 2.0 – it has gone public: This year, your online journal has been developed and now you have the facility to publish, on your own page with its own address, any work you’d like to make available to the wider world. The control is now yours, and the publish/private choice is entirely yours too. We’re in the frontline of education with this initiative and I’m sure it will be of real interest to many people as it gets going
  • iPads: have been purchased and we will finally have state-of-the art digital tools to use in the classroom to transform our everyday work. We worked hard for this, and I’m very proud of the result.
  • GCSE Results for last year’s Year 11 cohort exceeded our expectations and in the English Language paper, our over-all result for students who gained at least a C grade, shot up by 14% to 73% over-all. We’ve got our work cut out for us to embed and improve on that this year, but I couldn’t be more optimistic that we’ve got what it takes to maintain this meteoric improvement.

If you’re leaving us at this stage of our journey, then we thank you for flying with us, and wish you a very good day


Opportunity to see a play for free

The London Nautical School “Conflict” Poetry Anthology of Interpretations

The class is developing a range of interpretations of the poetry in the “Conflict” cluster which they are studying as part of the GCSE programme. The starting point for this was their visual interpretation (many of which can be viewed on this site) – and now they are developing a shared resource of interpretations to add to their own Anthology.

To follow are the poems each person selected and a short indicator of the content needed for each written interpretation. These will be compiled into the “London Nautical School Anthology of Interpretations” which will become an invaluable resource for their future study of these poems.

Kaikoura Article and Questions

The following article was read in class and the students asked to write their answers to the attached questions. This style of reading and question reflects what to expect in the English Language GCSE Practice Examinations which are coming up in June

Supplementary Images for Analysis

Visual Language Task One

Presented with the attached image, everyone had to write an analysis focusing on the following points:

  • What is the message the image conveys
  • What can we infer from each of the visual and textual elements
  • What can be said about the relationship between these elements.

The domains of analysis included:

  1. Colour
  2. Layout
  3. Image
  4. Font
  5. Symbolism

The Boys’ Responses to the Clever Ads

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